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New CPAP supplies + compliance

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HonestPeriwinkleCoyote5834 +0 points · over 6 years ago Original Poster

I just left my current CPAP supplies Company because they were so bad in all aspects of service... it was nightmare dealing with them. My insurance company, BCBS requires compliance for partial reimbursement of my supplies and told me that the new CPAP supplies company is supposed to monitor compliance using the reports generated via the cell connection of my Resmed CPAP. I have been getting the run around from these 2 companies now for a while as nobody seems to know what to do... Any suggestions from someone that ever went through that process?

Thank you

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wiredgeorge +0 points · over 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

If you have a ResMed machine, the durable medical equipment company that issued you the ResMed machine can certainly monitor compliance via the method you noted. Changing companies will require the new company being also able to monitor the machine and I would think they would need the back panel info such as model & serial, etc. You may need to bring them the machine.

I recently switched from a private insurance company to Medicare and the DME my private insurance company paid was not accepted by Medicare. I searched one DME after another (in the Medicare network) and it took me a couple days to find a decent one. Most have miserable reviews and many issues with the BBB. I would guess 90 percent I did a little research on were companies I wouldn't want to do business with. I eventually found a company which has a fairly local branch but is a few hundred miles away after MUCH search. Being in any type of network for CPAP supplies limits choices and makes finding a DME tough. I doubt that whoever runs or owns this forum would want the members putting together a list of recommended DMEs but it would be great if that could be done. Sooooo many horror stories when you start looking at this industry.

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OptimisticLimeFlamingo6906 +0 points · over 6 years ago

I have recently gone on Medicare and have BCBS as my healthcare. If you aren’t on Medicare, your insurance will really vary depending on your company plan. I’ve worked insurance for many years. Many companies now self insure and they pay the bills but have someone like BCBS manage the coverage. Your DME will need to send a compliance report, usually to your Dr who then reports it to your insurance company. I just did this last week. I called the DME requesting they fax the report to my Dr. I then had a Dr appointment in which my Dr reviewed the report. I don’t think I need to see the Dr each time but this was the first time since going on Medicare and 3 months usage of my machine. I suggest you call your DME and request your usage report be sent to your Dr. Then let the Dr know that BCBS needs to know you are in compliance.

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