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Newbie nasal pillow question

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NightMinuet -1 point · about 4 years ago Original Poster

Ive been using an ASV machine for about 30 days. I am getting sores in my nostrils where the pillows rub but when I loosen straps it tends to slide out when I turn over. What about putting vaseline in my nostrils to help with rubbing and the seal? Tried Ayr saline gel but it didn't work well. Will vaseline decompose thenasal pillow material? Any other suggestions? The side straps rub on my cheeks too. Any hints to help with that? Glad I found this site.

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Sleep +0 points · about 4 years ago

i don't know if vaseline will degrade mask material, you can try contacting the mask manufacturer themselves. I have known people to do that to help with the sores, it can be tricky though because sometimes that makes it easier to come loose and leak though too. If the side straps are rubbing perhaps they are too tight, perhaps try loosening and then check your leak levels, also can google cpap mask nasal pillow liners which may help.

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barbz +0 points · about 4 years ago

Do I ever relate to this...it will help if you let us know which pillows mask you are using?
Regarding Vaseline...NEVER put Vaseline in your nostrils. Even though you may think there is not a clump...you can still possibly inhale a minuscule amount. Unless the ingredients and masks materials have changed, it is not the product to use. I have used a pure lanolin product called Lansinoh. You might feel funny asking for it. :-) It is used by nursing mothers! I am not aware of another pure lanolin product...maybe someone else can help here.

Did you have someone help you with fitting your mask? It sounds as if you are having a fitting issue and that is why it helps if we know which mask you are using. There are nice strap coverings that will help make your straps less irritating. I just buy flannel material and wrap my straps myself. You can buy strap covers from Pad a Cheek ( http://www.padacheek.com/ ) for specific masks also.

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GregariousMagentaRoseCaterpillar4081 +0 points · about 4 years ago

I got a mask called DreamWear. It is called a nasal pillow but doesn't come inside each nostril, it sits under the nose. I really like it. Perhaps it would work better for you. Another great thing about this mask, is that the hose comes out of the top of the head, not at the nose. Movement is easier in bed and no feeling like an elephant.

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