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Newly diagnosed

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NeatLimeOpossum5553 +0 points · over 7 years ago Original Poster

Just got my cpap today and my biggest fear is losing my medicaid and having to pay for supplies out of pocket which I won't be able to afford. For now I'll just be happy I can get some restful sleep and start to feel normal again.

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BrightSpringbudSandpiper5105 +0 points · over 7 years ago

You deal with it as best you can so make hay while the sun shines. No use worrying about something you can't influence.

Whilst Australia has Medicare (a much more comprehensive form of universal healthcare than anything Obamacare promised, which by the way is not at all controversial here in Australia), and those who can afford it also have private insurance which gives more flexibility, the insurers don't really cover apnea here in Oz. Machines cost twice as much as they do in the USA and insurers only cover about 25% of the machines (every 3 years) and nothing towards masks etc. Whereas you guys change masks and the cushions regularly because they are covered by insurance we make them last because they are not. I change cushions about every 6 months and whole masks about every 2 years unless they truly wear out beforehand.

So being an apnea sufferer is more or less self funded in Australia.

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