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No heat

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Waple +0 points · 4 months ago Original Poster

Resmed S10 auto 3 year old changed -replaced heated tubing and water chamber after I was getting warm air after time the air was Cold waking me up. Outside air 40d humidifier set 6 Help Thanks in advance

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Sierra +0 points · 4 months ago Sleep Patron

When you plug the heated climate hose into the machine there should be a message that flashes up and says climate control is set to Auto. That is where I leave mine, and let the machine control the humidity and temperature. On your machine menu is an option to turn it to Manual, but I just leave mine in the default Auto position. In the Clinical Menu there is a setting which may force it to run in Manual. I would change that back to Auto if that is set to Manual. See this technical manual for more details on how to set it.

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