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Noisy AirMini

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rfrousse +0 points · almost 6 years ago Original Poster

Hello (again),

I recently purchased an AirMini to avoid traveling (very often...) with my home-based AirSense10.

While the AirMini itself is obviously super silent, it is not the case with the tubing and the filter, which I find very noisy and hard to fall asleep with. ResMed and others keep telling me that most users get used to it, I don't find this a very customer-oriented approach to solve my problem.

While I agree that this is not a huge problem, I am puzzled that engineers would put so much craft in developing such a silent device and see all their efforts annihilated by what seems a poor design of the tubing/filter system.

Wouldn't it make sense to have the filter away from the mask, as opposed to how it is set up currently?

Any simple suggestion to reduce this noise?

Thanks heaps!


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