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OSCAR and my new Dreamstation BiPAP Model S/L not reporting.

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CourteousSpringbudBat2896 +0 points · almost 2 years ago Original Poster

Seems some time ago I became a member her but as a reintroduction:

Hello, I am renew to this site but a old timer to Sleep Apnea from a quad bypass in 2013.

As a personal note, in my time on CPAP after my Quad Bypass in 2013, I have seen the Phillips ASV machine go off the rails too often and too soon, my first Machine a 950 tripped out 1.5 years, and it was replaced by the seller after we talked about what was happening with a 960 model, which the lasted about 2.5 years and it also started acting up. I then got a rebuilt 950 (new mother board and Fan) and all was good for about three years when it need rebuilding again and was told sorry no parts it is now obsolete...and I had my back up 960 rebuild and was told that was most likely ITS last rebuild as it will be obsolete soon as well.

Facing certain doom, I fought and hunted to get a Dreamstation ASV as medicare will not provide me with one as my sleep studies do not show that by their guidelines to be bad enough to get one, ( I only missed by a couple of points in a sleep study) as they will NOT consider my machines reports of my complex sleep Apnea NOR my Doctors reports and orders for such a system.

I am one of those persons that cannot do a good sleep study, in a strange bed, wired all up, with cameras watching my every move and a lack of temp. controls, and noise...I am lucky to get 2 to 3 hours of POOR sleep in a 8 to 9 hour session...and THEY insist that that is the only report Medicare will consider...what a rotten system.

So IF I want to live and to be able to even function I need a ASV system and by hook and crock I got a APAP Machine rebuilt into a ASV machine, and the formgate happened and I am now running a 4 year old system fearing it break down any day now.

The repair shop that helped is gone.

And as I have reported I cannot get along with ResMed systems...to my sadness and frustration.

So I made a few mistakes, and broke a few rules, (By asking for a used machine) Pissed off a few people, (seemly by hating ResMed machine, which for many if not most was the ONLY believed to be the safe machine to replace Phillips, and heaven help the blasphemer that saids otherwise…you have been warned…)

I am SURE Sleep Apnea cause my heart problems, and caused my quad bypass, I am retired on a fixed income so cannot buy a NEW ASV machine every 3 to 4 years... NOW I cannot even buy a used one OR even a New one or get my machine rebuilt (which I can afford, and get this my 950 and 960 was rebuildable (new mother board and blower) for ONLY $250.00 and I am told a Dreamstation ASV can be done for around $500.00 )

Soso after-all my life in on the line here....what would you do??

So here I am again seeking help.

So my latest problem:

I have run into a new problem with OSCAR and a fairly new well running Dreamstation BiPAP Model S/T machine.

I am running OSCAR 1.1.1 on my main computer and OSCAR 1.4.0 on another computer as OSCAR 1.4.0 had a major problem upgrading on my main system. so much I gave up trying and installed it on another computer.

Both versions showed the same results with my trial of a ResMed Air Curve 10 BiPAP Model S machine.

I just got a Dreamstation BiPAP Model S/T, and as is my habit with a new machine after my first sleep season of 3.5 HRs I woke and read the on board screen, and it looked very good, it showed only 2.4 AHIs.

BUT when I tried to read the SD card in OSCAR it fails to do a full report.

OSCAR shows it SEES the Dreamstation BiPAP Model S/T machine, (both versions do this) and both version say OSCAR is seeing readings it has not seen, and asks to do a ZIP file to send to OSCAR and I have OKed this but instead of then showing any report it shows nothing, just my last reading of the ResMed machine 16 days ago.

So far after this ZIP File is created I cannot find it. Also where do I send it? If someone can tell me where it should be located, as it is not showing up with the OSCAR Program folder.

And my old (always worked before) Encore Basic 2.4 also cannot or will not read the Dreamstation BiPAP Model S/T machine either but did report seeing the new machine but also no report but does show the BiPAP settings correctly.

I guess I may have to download Phillips Dream Mapper as poor as it is…

So once again I have run into a odd problem.

At this point OSCAR 1.1.1 and 1.4.0 cannot do a report on my sleep.

Both versions on two computers asked to create a .ZIP file to send to OSCAR, and both failed to show me when this .ZIP was put and both fail to tell me where to send said .ZIP file, which I will gladly do once someone tells me where the file should be and where to send it.

I am glad to help OSCAR do there research and hope this file will help and the team can fix OSCAR so it can then read this Dreamstation BiPAP Model S/T machine. machine and give me reports.

One thing different is this machine did not come with the Phone, Bluetooth, WiFi plug in, could that be the cause of this malfunction?

So far it looks like this new S/T machine may be the answer to my finding a backup/replacement machine to my search for such a system, in fact it looks better, in my time with these systems a 7.5 hour sleep season normally reads higher AHIs the first night I got a under 5 AHIs and I have not been able to do any fine tuning as I cannot read what apneas made that report and these number most often are higher with a new unturned machine.

I am very encouraged by this.


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Sierra +0 points · almost 2 years ago Sleep Patron

All I have used are ResMed APAP machines, so not much help to you on a Phillips or Dreamstation. I also have not installed OSCAR, and just keep using my SleepyHead program. Other than a couple of minor bugs in how it displays machine setup detail, it seems to work fine for me. I am from the school of "if it isn't broke, don't fix it!".

As I say, I have not used OSCAR, but my recollection from SleepyHead is that when you download it you get two versions; OpenGL, and Broken-GL, or something like that. The idea is if one does not run, then you try the other. Not sure if OSCAR does the same or not. But, you could check and try both versions to see if that cures your problem. Another thought is that you could try SleepyHead to see if that works on your older machines. I could probably manage to get you a copy. I don't think it is available on line any longer.

I suffer from mixed apnea and initially thought I needed either a BiPAP or ASV to deal with it. However, over time I have managed to get my AirSense 10 AutoSet to deal reasonably well with it. My long term AHI is now 0.87, compared to initially where it was in the 5-7 range. The secret seems to have been to switch to fixed pressure CPAP Mode and optimize the pressure to minimize both OA and CA events. I currently run 11 cm fixed. Also of significant help was turning EPR back to full time and setting it at 2.0 cm. May not work for everyone, but has so far for me. I think my machine was mistaking either CA events or hypopnea events for OA events and then raising the pressure to deal with them when in Auto mode. The increased pressure in turn caused more CA events and AHI went up.

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CourteousSpringbudBat2896 +0 points · almost 2 years ago Original Poster

So I seem to have figured it out: I pulled the phone modual from my old Dreamstation APAP and put it into the Dreamstation S/T.

First thing that happened was the on board report from last night (my first night on the new (to me) machine) disappeared from the onboard memory, the system reported zero use, like it had never been used.

So I went to sleep and slept 4:42 hours and on waking saw the onboard report showing this nights sleep again...as the first day.

I pulled the SD Card and tried it in two computers, one with OSCAR 1.1.1 and the other with 1.4.0:

Both still say OSCAR is seeing odd reports and sill wants a zip file sent...

BUT both then showed the report with charts.

1.4.0 has no pie chart...don't miss it as it never seemed to be accurate anyway, all the way back to the earliest versions.

SO as I figured, with out the phone modual so it could send a report it also could/would not do a complete report on the SD Card and thus no chart on OSCAR.


So I had a fair amount of Obstructive Apneas 3.40 and the clear air: 1.28 and hypopnea: 1.49 with a some Periodic Breathing: 2.03 (Which is not part of the final report) of 6.16AHIs.

I shell adjust the EPAP setting a little higher to see if I can stop more of the Obstructive Apneas and as the Periodic Breathing was happening at the same time I think they will also go lower if not stop all together.

End of report.


Part two the next morning:

Interesting, the onboard report is sill not 100%, the second sleep season was treated as two events on two/three nights.

Yet the OSCAR was able to report all of last night as a normal two/three part night.

Chart displays still seem a little off.

Hope the OSCAR Team will want that zip file and can make corrections as to how a Dreamstation BiPAP S/T reports.


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