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poor sleep not apnea related

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HonestCarmineCattle2572 +0 points · about 3 years ago Original Poster

Recently I have been feeling tired as if haven't slept well but my apnea numbers are good. I have back issues that bother me during the day, but fortunately allow me to sleep. Is it possible that back pain might be causing poor sleep and won't be reflected in by apnea scores? Has anyone else had a similar situation?

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LAD22 +0 points · about 3 years ago

You really need to speak to your doctor about this as there can be other issues going on besides sleep apnea. It’s not uncommon to see sleep disturbed by painful disorders or diseases, sleep deprivation or concomitant sleep disorders. Even though you may be very compliant with your therapy these interferences can make you tired the next day. The doctor will assess your case by clinical measures possibly including a test called an MSLT, and will advise you on what can help remediate your daytime tiredness. Don’t get discouraged. It’s difficult for some patients to decipher what is wrong as these disturbances happen during their sleep. Good luck but I am confident that the doctor will find the answer.

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