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Poor sleep quality and breast cancer

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Ekontos +0 points · about 9 years ago Original Poster

Poor sleep quality has been linked as a risk factor to many other health conditions. Here is an article from the Huffington Post that outlines the association between poor sleep and breast cancer. A potential question for Rank the Research? What do you think?


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HumorousChocolateGuineaPig9560 +0 points · about 9 years ago

I began having sleep problems around the time I was diagnosed with Stage 0 DCIS breast cancer. I'm not saying that there is a connection between the two. But my sleep problem continued for several months after surgery and radiation therapy. I reported the sleep problem to my PCP. Can't say if there was a cause and effect. The sleep problem may have been a pre-existing condition. My PCP referred me to a neurologist who had me go through a sleep study. I was diagnosed with mild OSA and placed on CPAP.

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