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Problems moving from RemStar Auto to AirSense 10

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jimevo +0 points · almost 7 years ago Original Poster

Thanks for hosting this forum.

I’ve been using CPAP and now APAP for 20 years or so. My most current machine, is the

System One RemStar Auto with A-Flex (550P) w/ pillows. Rx is 4-20. It’s been working well for many years.

I’ve been given the AirSense 10 AutoSet and am having major problems. (using pillows and Rx is the same). It seems that it over reacts to my events and pushes so much air that I wake up and or have air escape from my mouth. Also it is over drying my nose & mouth. I do NOT have these issues with the RemStar. (I’m not so concerned with the dryness, that is always a work in progress).

I want to be able to use the AirSense w/out waking myself or my wife up. I like the heated tube and getting reports online. 

I have installed SleepHead and have looked at the reports from both machines but it’s a bit of greek to me.

I took the AirSense into the vendor. She initially suggested that I talk to my doc about getting the pressure level reduced. I said that doesn’t make sense as it matches my RemStar and there are no problems there - thinking the issue is with the unit or the settings.

She changed one setting in the clinical menu:

Response was changed from standard to soft. This did help by letting me sleep longer before I had the “over pressure” waking me up. The MyAir report showed 7:37 usage (70/70); Good mask seal (11/20); 0.6 events per hour (5/5); 2 mask on/off (4/5) for a total score of 90/100. So the scores are OK but don’t reflect that I had to stop using it.

My current settings for the machines are:


Mode: Auto Auto Max 20 Auto Min 4 Flex Type: A-Flex A Flex :2 (1-3) System 1 Resistance: x1 (0-5)

AirSense 10

Mode: Autoset Max: 20 Min: 4 Mask: Pillows Response: Soft (Standard) Ramp Time: Off EPR: On (off) EPR: Full Time (Ramp Only) EPR Level: 2 (1-3) Climate Control: Auto Tube Temp: Auto AB Filter: No Essentials: Plus (off) Smart Start: On (off)

Pressure Relief: Off

I was told if this unit doesn’t work for me I can try another and or they can give me the upgrade to the RemStar.

Thanks if advance for your help!


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wiredgeorge +0 points · almost 7 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Jim, Obviously the prescription settings for the Rem-Star don' t translate to the Resmed machine. The APAP feature means the pressure slides based on need and obviously the new machine is in need of tweeking. The tech probably is hesitant about making changes to the prescription so a sleep doc will need to be invoived.

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