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"Quantified Self" apps?

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UsernameNumber +0 points · over 8 years ago Original Poster

I've got apps that let me track exercise, apps that let me track sleep, apps that let me track food, and on and on, but I've never found a single app that lets me track all those things, plus hour-by-hour subjective ratings of my mood, concentration, and energy levels. I would really like to be able to track all those things in one place so I can then dig through the data looking for patterns.

Does anyone have recommendations? Bonus points if it can read data from my CPAP card a la Sleepyhead (really cool, free program if you aren't familiar with it and have a CPAP).

7 posts
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PioneeringRoseGoldfinch7323 -1 point · almost 8 years ago

Check out the apps- QUEALTH (spelling may be incorrect), S-HEALTH, and

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