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Recording Oximeter

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Guss +0 points · over 2 years ago Original Poster

I have been searching for a recording oximeter -- ones that will record the oxygen level all night in conjunction with BiPap. After researching, one option is to use Nonin xpod and Resmed interface, way too expensive, approx. $1000 to 1200. The other option is to use stand alone Wellue, a reasonably priced recording oximeter, under $200. Wellue is different in the sense, it does not connects to Resmed Aircurve and has to be used by itself and after using it for the night, transferring the data to analysis software such as Oscar, along with BiPap data.

I rather have something like nonin, that directly interfaces with Resmed BiPap and does not require separate oximeter data transfer, one that is inexpensive and can still be interfaced to Resmed.

Anybody has any experience with Wellue recording oximeters?? How does it compare to Nonin oximeter?? Are there any comparison / validation studies done using Wellue in a clinical setting?? I would be interested in knowing and learning a side by side data collected by Nonin and Wellue, and perhaps a detailed comparison of each data field as well.

The reason, I ask the question, the sleep labs exclusively uses Nonin and it is used widely by the healthcare providers, but none seems to be using the Wellue oximeter.

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Randall95 +0 points · over 2 years ago

This FDA-registered device can monitor a person's oxygen levels, heart rate, and body movements every second.

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