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[-] ResourcefulRedVioletPeafowl2004 +0 points · 9 months ago

Is a prescription required to purchase a replacement mask? I realize a prescription is required for a sleep study and the CPAP machine, but why should another prescription be required to replace a worn out part. Does anyone have the regulation, which addresses this topic? Thank you

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[-] wiredgeorge +0 points · 9 months ago Sleep Enthusiast

Not a lawyer but it is my understanding a prescription is needed for a mask. That being said, I have purchased masks without one from the main CPAP equipment companies AND from Amazon so I guess there are not many prescription police out there. As far as your mask, seldom does the whole mask wear ouit and usually you need only a new cushion part and these clearly do not have the sales regulated. If I am incorrect with this info, anyone who notes, please set me straight. I am only a patient.

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[-] ShiftWorker +0 points · 9 months ago

This whole prescription for a mask is not right, I was talking to one of my care givers, I asked what it was all about, she told me "it is a medical device" I replied that it was the bottle not the pill. I told her that it makes no sense to make being compliant so difficult. I have purchased my Amara View from Amazon, no prescription needed. On the sites that sell masks and supplies, you can purchase all parts to make a complete mask, if buying parts no script needed, even though you are getting a full mask. Shop around and you can find what you need.

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[-] BrightSpringbudSandpiper5105 +0 points · 9 months ago

If this question is simply about will they sell you a mask then your original prescription that got you the machine will work, no need to update. If it is about claiming it on your US health insurer I haven't a clue.

I just use a letter from my Australian GP from 2008 when I purchased a machine in US in 2012 and for masks from US all the way until 2015 and it gets accepted in the US whenever I buy Apnea stuff. Never get a query about the letter.

I don't think prescription is the same as like when you buy drugs or a specific instruction to the provider. It can be written "to whom it may concern" more like a letter of reference. Grab one next time you see your GP.

I bought a machine recently in US and they accepted just an updated letter from my General Practitioner saying I still have sleep apnea and not a "prescription".

Absolutely no need for a further test or a specific prescription to get another mask is my view.

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[-] DanM +0 points · 9 months ago Sleep Enthusiast

Hi All. Many providers write prescriptions for CPAP equipment and specify length of time as "ongoing." I have even seen prescriptions that say "99 years" to indicate an ongoing need. CPAP masks and machines are regulated by the FDA, and a prescription is required. This does not mean that patients cannot find and purchase them in other places without a prescription. For most home care companies, an initial prescription will cover replacement of supplies (masks, tubing, humidifier chamber, filters, etc.). However, there are times when insurance companies and Medicare might require a new prescription. Examples are a change in insurance plans or the need for a different kind of mask (full face vs. nasal) if a patient needs to change mask types. Please be careful when buying masks from vendors you might not be familiar with. Most patients use a mask that is vented for CPAP treatment, but there are times when non-vented masks are used for patients with specific requirements. Some manufacturers make their masks in both versions, so be sure you select the correct mask type for your treatment.

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