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Rescan or Sleepyhead and Resmed Airsense 10

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Bkg73123 +0 points · about 3 years ago Original Poster

Hi All, Been using Autoset S9 for years with Rescan software. My S9 is developing quirks and I think it is time to replace. I am concerned about if I will have same access to data and settings if I upgraded.

  1. Does Sleepyhead do all Rescan does and more or should I stick with Rescan? I see SH isn't supported anymore.

  2. Where does one get a functioning download of Rescan that will work with Airesense 10 nowadays?

  3. Can I access clinical settings on Airsense 10?

  4. Does Airsense 10 use memory card just like S9 and I can just transfer the data to computer that way?

Thank you!

lwire98 AT yahoo DOT com

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Sierra +0 points · about 3 years ago Sleep Patron

I have never used Rescan but am aware of it. I have used SleepyHead for a number of years. From what I know of Rescan, SleepyHead is just as good. SleepyHead has been replaced by OSCAR, which from what I can tell is pretty much identical to SleepyHead. I have not bothered to switch but when users post their daily reports they look identical to me.

Rescan is only made available to sleep medical professionals and I am not aware of where you could download it legally, unless you are a professional.

SleepyHead and OSCAR work fine with the S9 and A10. My wife has a S9 and I use an A10 Auto. All but the most basic ResMed CPAP have a SD card and work similar to the S9.

Yes there is no problem accessing the clinical settings on the A10. You just hold the Home bar and set button down together for about 5 seconds.

What would be best to do is download OSCAR and download all the data on your S9 SD card to OSCAR now. It will give you a feel for the software, and when you do upgrade all the data will be seamlessly integrated together so you can go back and compare your A10 readings to your S9.

Be aware that based on previous history of machines ResMed seems overdue in replacing the A10 with a new machine. If you want the latest and greatest machine it may be worth holding off for a while. That said the only thing I have against the A10 is that it clunky to turn on the prewarming feature. It should be one button, but it is buried in the User Menu instead. The other option may be to watch for sales on the A10 as at some point dealers will want to clear them out before a new model arrives...

And one other thing. The ResMed A10 comes in two models . One is the standard and the other is the For Her. The For Her version does everything the standard version does, but also offers an additional mode that is more response to flow limitations and elevates pressure faster. That and it is a different colour. The price is the same for both. I am male but if I was buying again, I would get the For Her version just for the additional optional mode.

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