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ResMed AirSense10 Data

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SueS +0 points · over 5 years ago Original Poster

My wife has been using this unit for about 2 years with the nasal canula and the data it collects does not appear to be correct, example: Last night I had to wake her up about 5 times (touch her or move her) so she would start breathing again, I know she stops when the air flows out the mask at a high pressure rate (assuming through the bottom vents) and the sound awakens me. The data in the program gives her a score of 100% and does not indicate any occurrence but 2 . Where do I locate the actual correct data The data only shows 0.6 events per hour which they state under 2 is great.

Thanks, Bob

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Sierra +0 points · over 5 years ago Sleep Patron

Bob, first it is normal to have a purge flow coming from the mask at all times. Some masks diffuse this flow quite well, and in others it is more like a jet stream. The reason for the purge flow is to ensure CO2 does not build up in the mask. The continuous purge makes sure the air is always fresh. One issue with a nasal pillow mask that fits right on the nostrils of the nose is that if you open your mouth in the night, air can leak out at quite a high rate. I use mouth taping to stop that leak. Others use a chin strap, and the lucky ones manage to keep their mouth closed during the night without any help.

The leak rate happy face on the ResMed is very tolerant of leaks. The unintended leak rate has to be quite high before the face turns red. If you want to get a more detailed sleep report, you can make a setting change in the Clinical Menu. Hold the Home button and the round knob down for 5 seconds. A Clinical Menu which operates similar to the standard menu comes up. Go into the clinical menu and scroll down to an item under Options called Essentials. Push on the round knob to go into it and then set it to Plus instead of On. Use the Home key to exit out of the Clinical Menu. Now you should be able to use the normal menus to view the sleep report which will have more detail on it. You can set the time interval it averages over from I recall 1 day to 1 year.

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