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Resmed compatibility: Mask to Pillows conversion (Mirage FX->Bella FX)

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bryanjensen +0 points · over 5 years ago Original Poster

I've been using my Resmed system one with the Mirage FX masks for almost 7 years now. I sleep on my sides a lot, and the masks grind hard into the top of my nose when I do that. It's not a big deal, but I've been considering trying nasal pillows out.

My doctors won't even talk to me about my apnea without a new sleep study, which I'm not willing to fork out $2k out of pocket for just to get some new equipment/supplies. I buy all of my supplies through Amazon and save big over the so-called insurance benefits.

Anyway, I'd like to try nasal pillows, but I don't want to replace everything just to test them out. I don't want to replace the machine and tubing if I can help it. I noticed they have a "Bella FX" nasal pillows product, and it kind of looks like the connector to the tube is the same as with the Mirage FX.

Long story short, does anyone know if the Bella FX nasal pillow has the same connector as the Mirage FX?

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bonjour +0 points · over 5 years ago Sleep Commentator

All masks (with the exception of a few that are specific for a travel or mini CPAP machine) are 100% compatible and will connect to your existing CPAP tubing. When getting the P10 mask for the first time get the "Fit kit" as it contains 3 different pillow sizes. The "Pillow" is intended to fit ON the nares of the nose and should not go in them, a common error is to use too small of a pillow. I won't say I sleep on my side a lot, but I do side sleep and I use the P10 Pillows (Large).


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Sierra +0 points · over 5 years ago Sleep Patron

As bonjour says, with the exception of the travel units, all the masks from different manufacturers and types use the same connection to the PAP machine hose. It is about the only thing standard sized on these things.

On the nasal pillow masks, I have used the ResMed AirFit P10, the Fisher & Paykel Brevida, and the ResMed Swift FX. Of them I like the fit on the nose best with the AirFit P10. However it has flimsy headgear and it wouldn't stay on my head without cutting and shortening the straps by about 1". The F&P Brevida did not fit my nose as well, but does have better headgear that is adjustable. The Swift FX has much better headgear, but it has a strange vent system that blows air like a jet engine taking off. There are probably some ways to work around it, but I went another way. The nasal pillows on the Swift look nearly identical but they didn't fit as well as the P10 either.

My wife used the Mirage FX for about 3 years. It was basically OK, but it was leaving marks on her face, and was leaking more than it should. She took over my discarded F&P Brevida nasal pillow and really likes it. She was having air loss from opening her mouth and has solved that with mouth taping.

On the FX Bella I believe that is the Swift FX Bella? If so, that uses headgear that hooks around your ears. Perhaps intended for women that don't want their hair messed up? In any case if you have detached ear lobes it might work OK. If you have attached lobes, then it could be pretty uncomfortable and not stay on well.

If you read my thread on the P10 Upgrade you will see that I ended up putting the Swift FX headgear on the AirFit P10 mask. It is the best arrangement I have had so far after trying 6 different masks. This hybrid solution is my 7th try! If you want to go there, you could start by buying the P10 fit pack mask for $99 or so as bonjour has suggested. Then if you have trouble with the headgear, you can buy either the Bella version or I think the better Swift FX version for $31 and make the modification to the P10 to fit it.

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