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Resmed QuietAir

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EasygoingAquamarineMagpie7538 +0 points · over 5 years ago Original Poster


Got this new vent with my latest order and must confess I don't like it. I am concerned that it doesn't vent enough Co2 from the exhale, and I like the feeling of the old vent that creates some moving air in my mask as I inhale (I have a RedMed AirCurveā„¢ 10 VAuto BiLevel running at 17/22). Anyone else in the same boat at me?

The other situation I am wondering is if this new vent was actually a fix in disguise. I just had the motor start making progressively loud noises when trying to reach high pressures like 22. With the new vent, the motor is much quieter (which makes sense since not a much air is intentionally leaking from the system which reduces the strain on the motor when trying to raise pressure). I have a number of these used vents that still work so should be good for the life of the machine but just curious if anyone else has noticed this.

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Sierra +0 points · over 5 years ago Sleep Patron

ResMed claim the purge flow is the same as the standard elbow.

"While it releases the same amount of air per breath as our existing standard elbow, it's much quieter and gentler."

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