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Respironics Dreamstation Humidification Setting Help ?

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dmypub +0 points · 5 months ago Original Poster


I have recently been experiencing very dry and "raw" sinuses when I wake up. I usually have sinus allergies which begin in April. Maybe climate change ?? Anyway, I want to rule out my cpap machine as the culprit. I normally do not use humidification at all - setting of 0. When I change the setting to "1" I use up all of the water reservoir in about 7 hours and start getting a burning or "hot" smell. I changed the setting from a Fixed, level 1 to an Adaptive level 1 last night and still used up all the water. Usually the water lasts two - three nights when humidification is turned off.

Anyone have any wisdom to share on the Dreamstation humidification settings ?


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Sierra +0 points · 5 months ago Sleep Patron

It sounds to me as if the humidifier is malfunctioning. It seems to be stuck on maximum. Until it is fixed, perhaps the only option is to keep the humidifier full of water, but turned off??

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