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Should I try different masks?

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KennyAZ +0 points · about 4 years ago Original Poster

I just had my follow with my doctor and he told me I should be switching nasal pillows once a month. I’ve had mine for 2 months. I ordered 2 online since it was cheaper than going thru my insurance. My pillows have been a little less comfortable the past few days and I’m hoping the new once will do the trick. But I was also thinking about trying the resend airfit f30. I’ve been using the resmed airfit p10 and its the only one I’ve used so far. I’ve been wondering what a nasal mask would be like instead of the pillows. Especially since I have a higher pressure setting than average. Have any of you used both?

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Sierra +0 points · about 4 years ago Sleep Patron

First on the mask cushion replacement, I used my first cushion on my P10 for nearly two years, and recently replaced it. It really made no difference. Feels the same to me. The recommendation to replace parts so often is a bit of a scam to my way of thinking. I would keep a spare and just use it when you see physical damage. If you really want to be cautious then replace it once a year, but I know they last far longer than that.

I believe the F30 is a minimalist full face mask, and not a nasal mask. I have tried the F20 full face and did not like it. You may want to look at the link below and explore the different types of masks they have. I think the biggest downside to the P10 is the headgear. It is kind of flimsy. If you wanted the comfort for a nasal pillow mask, you might want to consider the P30i. It has the hose connection at the top of the head which some like. Dreamwear makes a series of masks that are quire similar and the nasal version has gel prongs. See this link for the range of ResMed masks. They tend to be a personal choice. Unless you are bothered by leaks, I would tend to stay with the P10. I find it quiet and comfortable. I recall they are rated suitable up to 18 cm pressure.

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