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Sleep Apnea, Inflammation and Bowel Disorders

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AmbitiousChocolateCormorant +0 points · almost 7 years ago Original Poster


This is my first post, but I have a lot of questions, so probably not my last!

Long before I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea (about a month ago) I was having problems with my gut; any time I'd have a bowel movement I'd feel swollen and in pain, and I assumed the fatigue I was experiencing was somehow related. I took a fecal calprotectin test and it showed that I had an elevated level of 300 (I think a normal amount is something like 50), which indicated that I had high levels of inflammation. My doctor ordered a colonoscopy, but they didn't find any bowel disorders. This was actually my second colonoscopy, my first being when I was 18. They didn't find anything then either. I've had body aches and back pain for a number of years already, and I'm only 31 now.

When I found out that sleep apnea is linked to widespread inflammation, it made me wonder if anyone else has seen a noticeable decrease in inflammation, body pain and bowel pain since starting treatment for sleep apnea. I've only been using a CPAP machine for a few weeks now, but I'm anxious to learn if I'll feel relief of these other symptoms.


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