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Still tried

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Maryliz60 +1 point · about 6 years ago Original Poster

I've been using my oral device for 10 months now. I am pleased with the good job the dentist did and it was worth the money because shortly after, I used it during a sleep monitoring and my driving licence was renewed!! I have borderline medium/ grave apnea.....or had? I was operated for sectoplasty, tonsills & turbinates all in one go. Refused the palate surgery ( glad I did too because the tonsill pain was so bad) in the operating theatre they stuck a camera down my nose while under anesthetic just before the op and discovered that the big problem was my tongue blocking the airways. Life without those horrible things they cut out is much better above all breathing but when they suggested "maxilla facciale"( I live in Italy) jaw advance I said "no way" This oral device doesn't seem to be as effective as before. I' m still in need of my bed at 9pm and slow and tired in the morning despite improvement. I can stay out a bit longer if I have to but Movida is out of the question. Sometimes I sleep without the device to give myself a treat. Any simular experiences?? Anybody tried jaw advance? Mary Italy

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