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Surgery as a therapy for young OSA patients

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Que +0 points · almost 9 years ago Original Poster


I'm wondering if it makes sense to purse surgery for my sleep apnea. I'm 45 years old and don't want to use CPAP for the remainder of my life. Is there any reasons why not to do this? What are the risks of surgery?

Thank you, Que

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DanM +1 point · almost 9 years ago Sleep Enthusiast Support Team

Hi Que. I cannot think of a good reason not to at least discuss the options with your sleep physician. There are surgeries available, but each patient must be properly evaluated to see if there are options for his or her specific needs. Risks vary by patient and surgery performed, so the risks and benefits should also be discussed with the specialist who would likely perform a given surgery. For example, the risks or side effects of removing tonsils and adenoids are likely different from the risks associated with implanting a stimulation device. Good luck as your explore the options, and keep us posted on your progress if you like!

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