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Thank you and a tip for cleaning mask in the am

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ConscientiousAmethystElephant0689 +0 points · about 7 years ago Original Poster

I wanted to thank all those on the forum who supported me when I was very ill and desperate to get sleep last year. I don't remember my log in so I had to re-register. Ya'll talked me out of taping my mouth shut and made me persist with my doc to get a proper fit- thank you. I have an Amara now and all my issues are resolved. I hope this simple tip might save you some morning angst.

My tip: I took a quality pump soap bottle from that nice smelling store that sells foaming hand soaps, I'm sure any empty foaming soap bottle would do. I washed it thoroughly and removed the label. I put 1/5th Ivory dishwashing liquid and 4/5th warm water and used a coffee stirrer to mix it so it didn't foam up. I replaced the cap and placed it on the sink in the master bath next to one labeled that is obviously for hand washing.

One good pump with a rub and a rinse and my mask is oil free and ready to dry while I'm at work.

I set my Amara on a clean facecloth to dry.

No more taking out this huge bottle of ivory dishsoap that took up 1/2 my counter space or better yet dropping it so I could clean up soap sludge at 545 am lol.

Such a tiny thing has made my morning routine far less annoying, I hope it helps others.

Sleep well and Be well

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wiredgeorge +0 points · about 7 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Mask fitting seems to be a key! Glad you are finding your way to successful therapy. The Amara View mask is a good one. I think the headgear could be improved for comfort but the mask itself works well for me. My wife added padding around the straps where they contact my ears and in the back as well. The mask headgear originally bit into the top of my ears and back of neck... Your tip on cleaning using mild dish detergent is a good one.

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barbz +0 points · about 7 years ago

I am now using the AirFit F20. Since I use liners that I make from an old t-shirt, I often just use a Citrus wipe to clean my mask. I also have the Contour spray for CPAP mask cleaning.

Loved the Amara View, but it did not love me. The AirFit F20 seems to be the one for me. This doubles the point wiredgeorge makes about the importance of mask fitting.

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BrightSpringbudSandpiper5105 +1 point · about 7 years ago

Scentless baby wipes for me on my daily routine and an occasional full wash up of the mask. I simply hate all the cleaning I used to do before the baby wipes. Also if you use the wipes on your face and forehead where the mask touches it seems to make a cleaner seal and put less oil on the cushion requiring less cleaning.

The right mask is a personal choice and you do need to try a few if you can.

Good to hear conscientious having a big improvement. Hope it keeps going

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