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Thirsty - changing humidity levels?

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Noscoobynewbie +0 points · almost 5 years ago Original Poster

Hi all, I have recently been diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea and the good old NHS in Blighty have issued me with a Resmed Airsense 10 to test drive for a few months to see how I get on with it.

I have a full face mask and aside from finding it incredibly uncomfortable at present, my main issue is that I’m still always thirsty and often wake up and cannot fall asleep again without removing the mask and sipping water first. The time it takes to refit the mask often means I can’t get back to sleep again for a while. I have tried straws through holes in the mask but I’m hoping someone out there will have a better solution.

I assume adjusting the humidity level will help? However, wherever I look online it doesn’t confirm if I should adjust the setting up or down! The humidity level was set at 4 and I have changed it to 3 one night and 5 the on another but not noticing any difference, I’m still thirsty. So could someone advise me if I should give 2 or 6 a try next? Thanks in advance.

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Sierra +0 points · almost 5 years ago Sleep Patron

I use the AirSense 10 AutoSet and have not had issues with a dry mouth or low humidity. However, I have the heated hose ClimateLine option. When you plug that in, the machine goes into auto humidity mode and adjusts humidity automatically. The other feature I use is the prewarming. It is a selection item in the main menu, but you have to remember to turn it on each night about 15 minutes before you go to bed. It gets the temperature of the water up and provides more humidity when going to sleep.

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