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Transfer settings from Dreamstation to Resmed 10 Aircurve Vauto

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louiegarcia22 +0 points · almost 3 years ago Original Poster

Hi All,

New member here.

So I have been using Dreamstation for about 3.5 years now after being diagnosed with sleep apnea. It took about 6 months going back and forth with Dr/Tech to dial in the following settings I use to this date:

Auto bipap min pressure 6 max pressure 16 Humid adaptive level 2 Ramp time 0:30 Ramp start 4 A-flex 3 Tube type 15 Mask type x2 (pillows)

Last 30 day average: AHI 5.2 90% Pressure 10.1

I am not gonna lie, the dreamstation has treated me well but now with foamgate I am looking at getting an aircurve Vauto this week. Looking at the Aircurve 10, the settings menu do not appear to correlate with Dreamstation. Based off the settings I took from my Dreamstation above, what settings would you recommend I input into the Aircurve?

Thanks in advance

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Sierra +0 points · almost 3 years ago Sleep Patron

From what I can see your settings are a minimum of 6 cm inhale and 16 cm maximum. The A-Flex is set at 3 cm, so the machine is varying the inhale pressure during the night from as low as 6 cm to as much as 16 cm. The exhale will be set by the A-Flex at 3 cm lower than inhale and goes up and down as the inhale goes up and down. The AirCurve can be set to do this.

Mode: VAuto Max IPAP: 16 cm Min EPAP: 6 cm Pressure Support (PS): 3 cm

The question I have is that your AHI is not all that good, and I wonder if a BiPAP is the best machine for you. In fact the settings you have could be achieved by a standard APAP like the AirSense 10 AutoSet. What is your breakdown of the AHI into CA, OA, and Hypopnea events? Have you considered downloading OSCAR and looking at your data to see more detail on what is happening? Sometimes when CA (central apnea) is an issue a BiLevel is prescribed when it may not be the best solution.

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