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Trouble sleeping deeply?

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Sweet72947 +0 points · almost 2 years ago Original Poster

Hi I’m new to this forum, but not to CPAP therapy, I’ve been doing that about 12 years. I have a Resmed S11 with a zest nasal mask. I have been using the myAir App and it says I only have maybe .01 or .03 events at night, which is good, and my mask seal is good. Lately I have been sleeping more than 8 hours and not feeling completely rested. I have dreams so I know I am sleeping. I have always been a light sleeper and it seems the only time I really get a deep sleep is if I take a sleeping pill (usually zzzquil or unisom). My pressure is at 8 and I think it’s fine, because I do sleep well on a sleeping pill. Anybody else have issues with sleeping deeply, and is there anything that worked for you?

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Sierra +0 points · almost 2 years ago Sleep Patron

Assuming your model of ResMed machine is recording detailed data on a SD card you may learn something from downloading the freeware program OSCAR to view the data. It requires a PC or Mac and a SD card reader. It will let you look at what events are occurring minute to minute during the night. It may help you determine what is causing your sleep issues.

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