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[-] tweetie +0 points · almost 3 years ago

I have chronic sleep apnea and have used cpap for over 12 years. I use it every night. I have started experiencing acid reflux. I am not overweight, and do not snack after dinner. I am wondering if the nightly forced air has taken a toll on my esophagus. Is acid reflux a side-effect of cpap? Has anyone else experienced this?

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[-] Kaixin +0 points · almost 3 years ago

I had reflux problems for years and controlled it with pepscid. I twas always worse lying down, so I made certain not to snack before bed time and it helped. I now have no problems with acid reflux but I am still overweight. I really think diet control has much re to do with reflux than CPAP use.

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[-] MikeJ +0 points · almost 3 years ago

I have both sleep apnea and acid reflux. I have been on the CPAP for 10 years, and probably had acid reflux even before I started the CPAP, though wasn't treated at that time. I have been on meds for the reflux, and it is getting better, even with the CPAP. At the point I started treatment for the GERD, I was told I had esophageal cobbling from the acid, but that has resolved itself and I am not down to taking the meds 3 times a week rather than daily. So, at least in my experience, the CPAP didn't contribute to the reflux or prevent it from being treated.

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[-] MakeSleepAPriority +0 points · almost 3 years ago

Welcome to this forum is a little different from others. We look for ways to learn from others similar to us, find common issues and propose questions for researchers. There must be lots of people with apnea and reflux out there. What problems have you run into trying to resolve both apnea and reflux? Research tells us that compared to untreated apnea, CPAP tends to make reflux better . Was that the case for either of you?

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[-] DariaVader +0 points · almost 3 years ago

If acid reflux is getting worse after 12 years of treatment, how recent has your treatment plan been evaluated? Do you have a data capable machine and do you know if you are experiencing an increased AHI or number of RERA events?

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[-] dawnnnny +0 points · over 2 years ago

Hi everyone. I just joined this forum. VERY new to my CPAP machine, just one week but I've been swallowing air because I noticed that I burp some in the middle of night when I would take the mask off (and sometimes with it still on) and the next morning I would definitely feel gassy (tummy only). I would take a Gas-X which helps a little. Being new, of course I'm googling like crazy to find answers. I've had GERD for about 10 years. I take Omeprazole 3 times a week (used to be daily). I read an article today that said people with GERD and Apnea might be more at risk for Aerophagia (swallowing air). Seems they are still doing lots of studies.

I'm trying to get used to wearing this thing every night and it hasn't been too bad but I am a bit concerned about the tummy air. The gal at the place I got my machine said it could clear up but to talk to my doctor if it doesn't. I'm going to try everything though. Just ordered a cpap pillow and will start sleeping on an incline. I have full face mask and Sleepmapper says my fit is 100% but I still notice some leaks at night (my pressure is set to 12 with a ramp-thank God). I'm glad I joined this forum, hope to learn a few things!

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