Forum · 2 Weeks in with Mouth Guard and More Tired than Before

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[-] ConscientiousLilacEland9426 +0 points · 6 months ago

I just started with my mouth guard and although I'm finding it comfortable and feel as though I'm sleeping well (through the night), I am even more exhausted than before I got it. Is there an adjustment period where you're actually waking frequently and don't know it? I started with 60%, have moved up to 70% and next week will be getting it adjusted to 80%. I'd previously tried CPAP, however couldn't adjust.

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[-] wiredgeorge +0 points · 6 months ago Sleep Enthusiast

Folks who read your request for info have no context to be able to answer your questions. Which mouth guard? Is it a prescription oral device? When you say you started at 60 percent, 60 percent of what? There are a number of dental docs on this forum and if you provide detail, perhaps would jump in. Are you using a mouth guard in conjunction with cpap equipment?

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[-] NiceSilverBison1316 +0 points · 6 months ago

Have you had a sleep study with your mouth guard yet? I had a sleep study done shortly after getting my oral appliance, before making any adjustments. Original AHI was 7.2, which was lower than my AHI of 12 without appliance. I have adjusted mine forward (lower jaw) several times since then. I just had another home sleep study done the other day to see if my AHI went down. Haven't received results back yet, but will post when received. I have found that an oral appliance is somewhat like CPAP therapy, a work in progress. Don't expect to get it right overnight.

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[-] SleepDent +0 points · 6 months ago Sleep Commentator

Hi! I am a dentist working in dental sleep medicine. Wiredgeorge is right. You have provided inadequate information. Is your device a prescription oral device? Did a sleep dentist or your regular general dentist place it? What is the brand of the device? Generally, the percentages you cited are percentages of your maximum protrusive range, i.e. how far you can stick out your lower jaw at maximum, but I don't know that. There are other criteria to be considered besides how you feel. What is the feed-back from your bed partner? Are you still snoring and how loud? Are you still doing apneas? What is your observed demeanor when you sleep? Relaxed and calm? Active and tortured? These things have to be considered. Also, the protrusion should be increased at a SLOW steady pace usually. You seem to be going way too fast. Approach your sweet spot slowly and deliberately. Oftentimes, people being successful will actually feel more tired initially, but that is feeling more RELAXED because your body is not in a death struggle to breathe. The bottom line is that you need more guidance and maybe some intermediate home sleep testing with the appliance in place. Contact your sleep dentist STAT(right away) to get your problems and questions dealt with. Arthur B. Luisi, Jr., D.M.D.

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