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BrightLimeRam2756 +1 point · about 7 years ago Original Poster

Has anyone had the UPPP procedure done? How effective was it? Was it painful? Would you say it was worth it? I have tried the CPAP and I didn't like it at all. No matter which mask I used, I couldn't get rid of the anxiety from having something on my face like that. I am using the mouth guard now - that's okay. BUT it causes pain in my jaw and lower teeth and is messing up my bite big time. Not only that, my TMJ has gotten a lot worse. I just had a sleep study done and it showed I still had moderate OSA with the dental guard. I have a long uvula and small airway to begin with (in my opinion), so I think I could benefit from the UPPP. I attached a picture of myself laying down on my back (top) and side (bottom) to give a better idea of what I'm working with. Side note: In those positions, my uvula has "fallen back" so it doesn't look as long as it is.

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