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Waking up gasping for air

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sleepydeepy +0 points · over 1 year ago Original Poster


I have like many other posts here some kind of sleep apnea where I wake up, sometimes multiple times an hour gasping for air. It only seems to happen when about to fall asleep. When I’ve finally “managed” to fall asleep for real, I usually sleep completely without any episodes through out the night.

I’ve seen that there’s multiple posts about it but nobody seems to have done a sleep study. I did one two years ago and wondering if anyone can clarify what’s happening to me? Looks like I have very few central apneas but a ton of motoric arousals (what’s that?). Should I try CPAP?

This is my sleep study: Technician Notes

Poor and fragmented sleep with a low SIEff (66,3%), a high number of arousal index (32.9 index) , a high number of awakening index (5,4 index) and a bad sleep architecture with only 2 sleep cycles and a low TST (250 min). The most significantly frequent arousal is the motoric arousal (28,3 index), followed by the LM arousal (2,9 index - not significant) and by the central arousal (1.5 index) . . High AHI (11,3 index = mild AH) . High LMI (79,2 index). The noseflow mcmH20 channel seems to work not properly and this might have affected a possible underestimation of the AHI.

I’ve uploaded a picture of the parameters.

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Sierra +0 points · over 1 year ago Sleep Patron

I am not familiar with many of those types of events. I would consult your sleep doctor to see if a CPAP may help you. Normal practice in most jurisdictions is to prescribe a CPAP trial if AHI is over 5. It may help, or it may not. Keep in mind that a CPAP will only work to reduce obstructive apnea events and hypopnea.

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