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Was my sleep study designed to 'fail'? diagnosed with mild CSA, but skeptical, polysomnograph attached

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alwaysleepy +0 points · over 2 years ago Original Poster

My doctor was quick to prescribe a cpap, even before I had the study. I'm always tired, or rather, always have brain fog all day, and it takes me a good 4-8 hours to 'wake up'.

My AHI is 9, BUT I didnt fall asleep until 2am, and slept for only 3 hours or less. Now I was quitting coffee and that also messed me up. And to top it all off, the sleep study room had a dehumidifier running at max, so even while sitting there, my tongue would dry out and stick in my mouth, I consumed 2 liters of water and went to the bathroom twice during that entire wait from 9pm to 2am just to sleep.

Now I'm not unhealthy, could stand to lose 10 lbs of fat and am an early 30s male. I probably could use more exercise, especially in the colder months. Oh, I also never sleep the same time 2 nights in a row, ever, like not in 20 years.

I've attached my polysomnograph (keep in mind I didnt sleep until 2-2:30am, and woken up at 5)

You can see every time I dozed off I supposedly had an osa/csa, but no osa during actual sleep, I was also poking at the mask, as my face was so dry from the room.

I also attached another part of the report that was concerning to me, the technician reported that the equipment had some issues, and she even replaced the oxygen flow tube once on me.

Now I do have a cpap rental, but I have not been able to fall asleep with it on in weeks, only once where my belly filled up with air and I woke up in pain.

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Sierra +0 points · over 2 years ago Sleep Patron

You have a couple of options. One would be to ask your doctor for an at home test. That can be less disturbing to your sleep routine and you may get better results from the test. Another option depending on your rental machine is to use OSCAR to look at the sleep results stored on the SD card in the machine. Most ResMed and DreamStation machines are capable of that.

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