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What is more important: being "alert" or being "awake"? Patient values are important!!

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SusanR +0 points · about 6 years ago Original Poster Sleep Commentator Researcher

Often doctors and nurses do not understand what aspects of health and functioning are most important to patients. While being "alert" and being "awake" are both important, it is important to know what patients think of when hearing these words--what do they mean to you? What is important to you as a motivator for getting treated for sleep apnea or another sleep disorder? We would love to hear from YOU!

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SleepDent +0 points · about 6 years ago Sleep Commentator

From what I can tell from my own patients, they would value being alert more than just being awake. You can be awake and still suffer from being in an uncomfortable state of brain fog. Patients want to be alert so that they can participate in and enjoy life fully. Arthur B. Luisi, Jr., D.M.D.

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