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Would MAD be the key for me?

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rev0lted +0 points · 2 months ago Original Poster

Hi everyone, basically I am suffering from severe apnea and I was diagnosed last year (39.6 AHI). I've been on a resmed s10 apap for almost a year now and I've never felt well, even using the machine and it says it's treating (usually AHI below 3 or 2) and no leaks either. Every day I wake up the same way, dark circles under my eyes, yawning all the time and brain fog. All the doctors I went to could say is: just use the machine! I recently saw a sleep specialist dentist. She ordered some x-rays and found that I would be a good candidate for MAD, even with severe apnea. She told me that my retracted jaw is probably the cause, as the tests show. I am 22 years old and thin, I have no other options and I need some restful sleep to get on with my life. What is your opinion on this?

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Sierra +0 points · 2 months ago Sleep Patron

The conventional thinking is that MAD is for mild to moderate sleep apnea. There used to be a dentist that specialized in MAD devices that checked in here now and then. Have not seen a post for a while though. One recent participant here, @ScantyZ, has used a MAD with some success while still using an APAP. You could post in his thread to ask for his thoughts.

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