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Wrong Size Pillows

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Curlyhead +1 point · almost 7 years ago Original Poster

Hi I got my CPAP in early 2016. At that time, the res therapist thought I needed size Small in the pillows. Accordingly, I have bunches of small pillows (ResMed Swift FX Bella Loops type mask). Early this year I decided to try one of the few Medium pillows I have. The fit was/is much better, and the whole experience has improved for me. I called my home medical supply store and asked if I could exchange the many unopened Small pillows for Mediums. The answer was No! Because I've had them for over 30 days. They told me they could sell them to me for $40 apiece, which I find ridiculous. I have found them online for $20 apiece, but that still seems over-the-top to me. Would anyone out there be interested in swapping some Mediums for some or all of the Smalls I have (16 total)? Please get in touch, if so. Thanks!

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wiredgeorge +0 points · almost 7 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

There are a bunch of sleep apnea forums out there. Some have many more participants so you might try on other forums. I use two masks primarily; NOW mostly my P&K Amara View. When I was originally fitted, the "expert tech" gave me a MEDIUM and of course, the mask didn't work well and was put aside for a Simplus. I got crazy and bought an Amara View small cushion and it works great. I was on the Simplus for about two years (also using the wrong size cushions) and built up a super large stock of Simplus mediums. My DME at the time said they would exchange them for small and all I had to do was box them up and the UPS guy would come pick them up. HE was supposed to make up a tag and stick it on the box and take it. I have a UPS account and my driver wouldn't touch them without a shipping tag so I still have them. In the intervening time, I have switched over to Medicare and am still attempting to set things up with a DME for supplies. If you want a good laugh, go the the Medicare website and see which DMEs service your zip code and google each for reviews. Ouch, the DME business is somewhere below snake oil salesmen. Terrible reviews for every one of them within 200 miles of where I live. We shall see.

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