MyApnea Core Report

After completing the MyApnea Core surveys, you can print out a personalized report that you can take to your next doctor visit.
Here's a glimpse about what we've found among the 10,000 participants in this study.
The average age is 58. Our youngest participant is 18 and our oldest is 78.
Sleep apnea is more common in men than in women. Both sexes benefit from treatment.
More than 77.8% of participants have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Here is a breakdown of how old participants were when diagnosed. The average participant thinks they had sleep apnea for 2 years before diagnosis.
MyApnea Core
Come together to learn about sleep apnea symptoms and treatment, and become part of an international research network to improve lives. Once you consent and complete all the surveys, you will receive a personal sleep health report that you can print and bring to your doctor. The scores are based on commonly used measures. Regardless of your scores, you should discuss any sleep health concerns with your doctor.