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Was fine until I started cpap

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FunnyYellowIbis5291 +0 points · almost 8 years ago Original Poster

My girlfriend told me that I stop sleeping at night so I had a sleep apnea test it said I stop breathing 43 times an hour I got a machine in January it's now August and I keep getting worse I'm so tired I wasn't tired before I had the machine but I am now don't know what to do I talk to a sleep doctor and he had no time for me and it cost me $350 don't know what to do it's just getting worse and worse I was fine till I had this stupid machine also I don't know what funny yellow whatever is at the beginning of my post absolutely nothing funny about this

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remomueller +0 points · almost 8 years ago Support Team

Hello, first off, welcome to MyApnea! To answer your question about the forum name "FunnyYellowIbis5291", the site is designed with your privacy in mind first and foremost, and each new user is assigned a randomized forum name on sign up. The forum names are built using AdjectiveColorAnimal####. (In the past everyone was given a random name along the line's of "Member###"). You may change your forum name in your account settings here: https://myapnea.org/account

The forum's community managers will likely reach out as well, I know @DanM has been active in many recent posts. The community here is very supportive, and I hope you find the answers to your questions.

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DanM +0 points · almost 8 years ago Sleep Enthusiast Support Team

Hello, and I am very sorry to hear you are so tired while using treatment. If you are not having success with your current sleep physician, I wonder if there is another provider who may be more helpful. Are you sleeping through the night while wearing treatment, or are you waking up during the night? Are you finding that you wake up with the mask off of your face? A bit more information might help determine what is happening, but the bottom line is that your physician/sleep clinic should take a look at the data downloaded from your machine to see if everything is as it should be. There are other factors that can contribute to tiredness such as medication and other health conditions, so talking to your primary care physician might also be helpful. Please feel free to post any additional information that might be helpful. We have a supportive community, and some of our members may be able to provide some feedback. Best wishes!

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wiredgeorge +1 point · almost 8 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

OK, FunnyYellowIbis5291, get that username fixed as the ones that are handed out are... well, awkward to say the least. Next, stop breathing is AHI in Apnea talk. There is a specific time (don't remember how long) but you do quit breathing... a lot. When you do, your blood oxygen level tanks. That kills your organs and kill brain cells.

My wife told me I quit breathing while asleep and after a minute or so, started again with a loud gasp. I didn't really ever think I had any problem with this but she used her phone to take a video. I was kind of astounded but she made the appointment with my doc and she set up an appointment with a sleep study doc. I never saw this sleep study doc and eventually got a prescription for a machine/mask. My primary care doc wasn't very helpful answering questions as she knows little about sleep disorders. I never was able to talk with the sleep study doc so found this site to start self-educating and taking charge of my own problem. The prescription was good but my mask and education on how to use it were miserable (health equipment supply company) so I self educated and found a mask that would work, learned tricks on how to monitor things and use the mask and equipment so they were effective and feel great today.

Prior, I fell asleep constantly; while driving, while using power tools, sitting in church, in a movie.... ANYWHERE. That problem is gone. My blood O2 level doesn't drop below 95 during the night where it was in the low 70s before the machine came into my life. I continue to learn and ask dumb questions and use of the equipment and mask continues to improve. There is light around the corner but I guess you need to take charge of your sleep issue as the system always be relied on to do this seamlessly for you!

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