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Acupressure Points Tips App-Insomnia Help +

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jeffez +0 points · about 5 years ago Original Poster

OK, this may be a little on the "woo-woo" side for some of you. Some of my friends think CPAP is "woo-woo" when I tell them(and isn't free). I just discovered this free app, downloaded it on phone, and am going to try it. Lots of good info. May also help some of my aged body's aches and pains as well. Maybe my diet as well. Asian practitioners have used this for eons. No needles needed with acupressure! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=foodanddrink.inc.acupressurepointtips&hl=en_US

Our CPAPs help us when we are asleep. This may help some of us get to that starting point.

Any acupressure users on Forum?

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