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Air sucked out of my mouth by CPAP, until I was able to rip-off mask

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RehabMomma +0 points · about 3 years ago Original Poster

Last week, I had just fallen asleep with my ResMed AirSense 10 full face mask CPAP on, when I was jolted awake. The mask was sucking all of the breath out of my body. I could not breathe. It forced my teeth to clamp-down, shut. In the process of that occurring, I bit my cheek and my tongue so badly, that I not only cried aloud, but alot of blood starting flowing.

This has not happened since, but my anxiety is terrible.

Has anyone experienced the same before?

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Biguglygremlin +0 points · about 3 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Hi RehabMomma

Was the machine still on when you were awakened and which mask were you using?

The Airfit type masks with the tubes running down past the cheeks would have this effect if the machine shuts down because the tubes suck closed so you can breathe out easily but when you try to breathe in all you can do is suck the air out of your mouth.

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