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AirSense10 Timer Resets & Power On/Off Problems

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CherylZ -1 point · about 6 years ago Original Poster

RE AirSense10 For Her ===> I've used this device w/o problems for about 8 mons. but now I have 2 issues: Problem (A): 2 nights ago i went to bed at 2am & slept until 12:30pm. The time of use registered 30 min! 1 night ago, i went to bed at 4am & slept until 12:05pm. time of use registered 5 min! note that it's very unusual for me to go to bed late enough that i sleep past noon. QUESTION: could this really be an auto-reset at noon?!! NOTE: despite these issues with the time of use, suitable air continued to flow as usual, until i removed my mask to get up. Problem (B): When i woke up at 12:05pm in above example & discovered the time of use weirdness, i pushed the power button to turn device off. after maybe 3 minutes, i pushed button again to power-on & do more experiments about (A) above. but power-on failed to turn on anything. i tried this several times. i left for about 10 min, tried power-on again, & it started fine. QUESTION: is this an overheating problem? nothing felt hot, even when i removed the water tub & felt inside the metal housing slot for water tub. note there was still at least 1/8" water in container. might the device be transmitting my sleep data to my doctor, which prevented the power-on? if not, it's hard to believe these A & B behaviors aren't related problems. Thanks for your thoughts & suggestions!

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sleeptech +0 points · about 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

I suspect you will find that the rest of your sleep time has been included in the previous day. I'm not absolutely sure but I suspect the machine arbitrarily uses noon to separate 1 day from the next.

When you say "power on" do you mean starting the air blowing or connecting the machine to mains electricity (turning it on at the socket)?

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