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Cheap machine? Or just no way to get used to it?

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sleeplessintexas -1 point · about 6 years ago Original Poster

So I got my first machine following my sleep study. During the sleep study I had no issue with the mask, the oxygen, nothing. Take the new machine home, on the first night, lights out and about 5 min in as I begin to doze off the machine suddenly sucks in the BACKWARD direction taking all the oxygen out of my lungs. My eyes fly open and reach for the mask. Before I can say a word, it stops. Then just as fast, does it again. I rip the mask off. Scary like you cannot imagine to have all the air out and feel your lungs collapse. The machine has an error message on it. I call the sleep study place... "no way ma'am, can't happen you whack a doodle".... so I call the manufacturer because the logic to me is that something that can push air in, can malfunction right? Sure enough "what was the error message? Oh, yes ma'am, that's what it was doing, your machine was defective, send it back"... color me one not so happy customer.

Get new machine to the rolling eyes of the tech because CLEARLY he's an expert and it "can't happen" and he doesn't believe that it can...

The oxygen is so high that within minutes, less than a minute, even on 45 min ramp the pressure to my ear drums is unbearable. When I take it off it sounds like a wind tunnel. I could blow dry my hair with it. I can't use it.

Seriously thinking of reporting them for insurance fraud. My insurance company was billed $15K for this and meanwhile I have equipment that I've never been able to use.

Someone trouble shoot this for me please.

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sleeptech +0 points · about 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

If you take the mask off, the machine will always go up to max pressure. It's part of the leak compensation mechanism. Because there is a massive leak the pressure goes right up to compensate.

How is your machine set? Is it a CPAP or an auto? It is possible that one of the settings is not right which is causing your problem, but its hard to tell without knowing what the settings are.

By the way, your CPAP machine blows plain old air, not oxygen.

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