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CPAP Machine and Watchman Device

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cjj84 +0 points · 11 months ago Original Poster

I recently had a Watchman device installed in my heart. I use a CPAP machine, and I also recently switched over to a Phillips full-face mask with a magnetic closure. When it arrived, it had a notification that it should not be used if you have a pacemaker, stent, metal implant, etc. I contacted Phillips to ask if their mask was contraindicated for use with the Watchman. The answer was that they didn't know. I have emailed my doctor but haven't heard back. Has anyone had experience with the Watchman and magnetic closures on their CPAP?

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Starfirey2k +0 points · 11 months ago

I have a watchman and a pacemaker as well, I also use the dreamwear full face by phillips, I took my mask to the cardiologist and asked him directly. he approved the use of that mask for me. hope this helps.

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Sierra +0 points · 11 months ago Sleep Patron

Another option would be to find a mask that does not use magnetic closures.

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