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yawningjoe58 +0 points · about 6 years ago Original Poster

yes here we go again, you guys are probably thinking, but i have read a few posts on the subject of dry mouth and felt i had to comment, i asked my doctor about this he suggested more humidification, so i did still woke up with dry mouth and nose have a bottle of water by my bedside, still getting woke up due to the fact of having to piss, tried biotene mouth spray, still dry mouth.got told by my cpap provider that i breath through my mouth and my mouth probably does open up when i sleep have a full face mask, and my leak rate is low before you all start asking.when i started therapy two years ago, my ahi levels where high i stopped breathing 56 times within an hour, still not sleeping to well but my ahi is now well under five, therefore the treatment is working i think lol, and i am very grateful to my doctor for diagnosing me, and sending me for a sleep test, i used to waken up three to four times a night now it is about once i go to bed about 9:30 and waken up about 4:30, i just wanted to share my story with you guys because since starting my therapy i have felt so alone with this little set back in my life, but joining this forum and venting have helped, and if there are any doctors out there reading this come up with a solution for the dry mouth and nose i would be a happy chappy. sleep well my friends.

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