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Did you have dizziness as part of your pre-treatment apnea symptoms?

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singingkeys +0 points · about 4 years ago Original Poster Sleep Commentator

I've been everywhere...2 primary care docs, 3 ER visits for panic attack-like symptoms, two ENT docs, tried CPAP (didn't work for me or was wrong settings), Gastroenterologist and had an Upper Endoscopy of the stomach (developed Gastritis a few months ago after a stomach bug made the rounds around the household), thyroid doc (it was fine), etc. Been to a Cardiologist...full Stress Echocardiogram. He said my heart was fine and that I'm completely healthy, but his notes on their internet portal said I had an odd looking r-wave, palpitations, etc. Yet he reiterated that nothing was wrong and I have a healthy and strong heart. I had ultrasound walking on the treadmill and resting.

Just had a home sleep study done yesterday morning since the lab isn't open. Had a televisit this morning for results. 13 events/hour, so mild sleep apnea. Very well-known ENT and sleep doc. He said he's never heard of anyone having the kind of dizziness/vertigo that I have, from sleep apnea. He wants to do a hearing test and balance test, which may take 2-4 weeks. I'm dizzy every single day and feel faint-like when I walk, as if the floor is coming towards me or something. Anyone else had this happen? I've become exercise intolerant, yet I'm very muscular and in shape. 37 year old male, never overweight and always in good shape and active.

I requested a holter monitor for the heart (5 electrodes) and they wanted me to wear it for 30 days. I'm on day 5. I've triggered it whenever I felt odd events, noted dizziness and such on the screen. I can't figure out why I'm so dizzy. Current sleep doc doesn't recognize the former sleep lab (only 2.75 hours) study of 4.7 AHI with 18 RDI. He doesn't think I need my CPAP/APAP (Air Sense 10 Autoset). It wasn't working for me and I tried various settings for months on my own. He said he has never heard of dizziness being caused by mild sleep apnea, but yet when I look online, dizziness IS a symptom of sleep apnea/sleep deprivation. Very well-known doctor in a large city, won all kinds of awards, has written books on sleep issues, etc. He even recognizes UARS, but says I don't look like a candidate for it. He thinks the in-lab study was wrong. My dizziness just started like 4 months ago, got better and then came back again. He wants to do a hearing test and balance test, but eventually when the lab opens, a sleep study.

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Sierra +0 points · about 4 years ago Sleep Patron

I can't say I have had issues with dizzyness that I could associate with sleep apnea or use of a CPAP. I have associated being dizzy with low blood sugar and/or low blood pressure though. As far as apnea goes, the only report I have seen associated high pressure used with a CPAP to dizziness. This would seem to not be your situation though. Also keep in mind this was one single case, and not a report of the issue being common.

Otic Barotrauma Resulting from Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

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Biguglygremlin +0 points · about 4 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

This will probably be the most rambling and pointless comment I have made in this forum.

I'm not the smartest cookie by any means but I am perpetually curious and the primary tool I use in my feeble attempt to comprehend the universe I live in is abstract thinking and looking at the the big picture.

I do this because I feel that the closer I am to the subject the more distorted it becomes and the harder it is to keep it in perspective.

I often involve myself in discussions just for the hell of it. A way of sparring and playing with words and logic but what I notice is that if I have formed an opinion, from that point on when I see, hear or read anything related to that subject I anticipate contrary information and block or skip over it and I focus intently on anything that could possibly support the viewpoint I have already formed.

This process works well for me when my preferences are positive, constructive, progressive, or helpful but that is not always the case. Some things really bug me and I persist in looking for the negatives. I get stressed or anxious about things like misused statistics or the abuse of power.

So where am I going with this pointless comment?

There is a phrase that I remember reading a long time ago in a Mary Stewart book. Something along the lines that every man brings with him the seeds of his own destruction and I think that is dangerously close to the truth for most of us. Some people destroy themselves with neglect and abuse whilst others achieve the same outcome with worry and stress.

In answer to your question above:

I wasn't dizzy in the past and I have been on CPAP for some years but I am often dizzy now. I don't know why I'm dizzy but it is likely to be either mini strokes, messed up blood pressure or some kind of panic attacks. I've never had panic attacks before but I suspect that they can be learned or acquired because the brain is a powerful device, for good or ill and we are only have superficial control of it.

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