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Do I have sleep apnea? (My story)

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Michael90 +0 points · almost 7 years ago Original Poster

I understand how it may seem like I'm against the sleep apnea diagnosis, but I feel like I am just looking at the facts.

For example, 1- if this (very mild) sleep apnea was truly an issue for me, why hasn't it woken me up all the time in years past? 2- why is it that my sleep issues began ironically RIGHT after the very stressful event in my life? And 3- again, if this all really IS 100% caused by sleep apnea, why is it that my awakenings always take place at the SAME exact times? Either around 3am or 5am ish?

If my sleep apnea was giving me problems wouldn't 1am, 2am and other times be happening as well over these 8 long months? There is just too much that points to these last 8 months being anxiety only related, even though I do in fact acknowledge the sleep apnea diagnosis and do find it interesting since as noted by me earlier that it's true I've never been such a great sleep to begin with.

I will try the mouth device out of course. It can't hurt. But I just hope you guys can understand how I feel about all of this.

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GregariousMagentaRoseCaterpillar4081 +0 points · almost 7 years ago

As long as you are giving the oral device a try, I see nothing wrong. I have agreed with you that it is likely anxiety, or habit now, that causes the waking at the same time daily. Since you have been diagnosed with apnea, I would pursue that, and you said you will. In my opinion it could help the waking at the same time, but it may not. Personally I never thought apnea woke me up and my husband never thought I stopped breathing, but I did snore. The test showed me I did stop breathing and also had too shallow of breathing resulting in low oxygen levels. Now that I am on the cpap, I don't sleep any better and still wake just as often. Recently I had some nights I was unable to use my cpap. I actually slept better than I had since I got it. I slept 5 hours straight without the cpap, and I never sleep more than 2-3 at a shot with it. I keep using with the cpap because I know my oxygen level dropped to 70% and that it caused me to develop high blood pressure. However, it doesn't help me sleep better as it does some people. I do feel better during the day most days though, so that is positive. I guess we are all different and just have to see how it goes. Best wishes.

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