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[-] dreamdoc +0 points · about 1 year ago

Can anyone offer advice on dealing with airleaks with the dreamwear under nasal pillow--it will work fine for days and then it has airleaks. If I touch the little cushion even lightly the leak stops. Ive tried small and medium--they work fine until I wash them and the the intermittent leaking starts. Seems like the head gear slips up during the night and maybe loosens the seal. Ideas? Thanks for any advice.

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[-] Verne7 +0 points · about 1 year ago

I had a nasal mask that was too small, it took a month, but they wear down/out, and it was still uncomfortable but it started fitting a bit better. Now, I'm on a full face to solve problems and get on the treatment that afib makes needful. I don't know about the nasal pillows. When my full face does that, I just reseat it and the leaks stop. The headgear seems to be able to be moved from the front or back from sleeping movement. Perhaps tightening slightly would help?

All they ever seem to adjust at the DME is the lower straps. Adjust the mask to your face by adjusting all the straps, if you haven't tried that yet. Tightening and adjusting all 4 straps, for me at least, is helping to keep the mask more secure and need less "reseating". Good luck!

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[-] Sleep +0 points · about 1 year ago

Hi Dreamdoc, it does sound that perhaps your headgear is slipping, causing leaks. Perhaps adjusting the headgear straps will help. Sometimes people with long hair, the hair moving around with the straps can affect the fit, sleeping in a ponytail can sometimes help. Also sounds like the nasal cushion needs a position adjustment. Good luck.

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[-] DragonRider +0 points · 10 months ago

HI Dream doc, I am new to the CPAP world but did some research before getting the DreamWear mask. I had tried a full face and nasal mask both of which caused great anxiety and discomfort. I have been using the DreamWear mask for 30+ days, I found out by trial and error the following

  1. Mask would move during the night I turned the head gear upside down and placed the velcro ends along the upper side of the lrge strap allowong the head gear to ride lower on the back of my head. I started with the mask that came in the fit pack and the small pillow, had a few problems keeping a seal. Then I moved to the medium pillow with some improvement but still had large leaks. Then I purchased a large frame attaching the small pillow. this reduced the leakage and allowed me to move with out dislodging the mask. Amazon has reasonable pricing for the parts if yourDME will not supply them.
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[-] Islandgirl +0 points · 9 months ago

I have been using the DreamWear mask for over 6 months. I was having leakage problems until I started using my memory foam travel pillow on top of my regular pillow (the travel pillow with the little beads did not help).

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