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DST sleep

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StraightforwardPeachGorilla7316 +0 points · over 6 years ago Original Poster

NPR had a story a few weeks ago about sleep., and it's importance. They said twice a year, the country is subject to that grand social experiment - daylight savings time. In April, in that week, heart attacks spike up 24%! In the fall, with the added hour few really get, they go down 22%. I found those numbers to be amazing - just from losing 1 hour of sleep! The only real change seems to be in the amount of sleep you get - and the stress of changing your daily cycle. They also said you can't bank your sleep hours. And that Monday was the peak weekday for attacks. One study, only in Michigan, for certain type of heart attacks? Typical Monday's = 31 patients. Add 8 more, on the Monday of DST. I suspect it's more stress than the loss of sleep. And since I'm online - that makes me an expert! ;>

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