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[-] ImaginativeChampagneSparrow2945 +0 points · over 2 years ago

Hi there,

My name is Janet and I am 52, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea a couple of years ago while performing a 8 hour full sleep study, and was given a CPAP machine which I still haven’t used on a consistent basis due to it being very cumbersome.

I have Chronic Epstein Barr Syndrome AND Chronic fatigue as well….

I just had a CT with contrast which showed the following abnormal findings…… the IMPRESSION was as follows:

            “small nonspecific lymph nodes are seen in the sublingual area, perivascular spaces, posterior triangle and parapharyngeal region.  These all measure less than a centimeter.  No soft tissue swelling is seen.  Postoperative changes are present in the cervical spine.  Small nodes are present in the middle mediastinum.  These measure less than a centimeter.  Followup should be based on clinical presentation and laboratory findings”

*** My question to you is this: since I have diagnosed EBV and Chronic Fatigue which CAN and DO make the lymph nodes enlarged….Can these findings be a REASON for sleep apnea ??? Can these enlarged lymph nodes be a hindrance in sleep, making it necessary for a CPAP? Is the swelling of 1 centimeter and smaller lymph nodes in ALL the areas mentioned, be of significance in the passageway of the throat ???

I would very very much appreciate any and all correspondence that I receive from you, as this is of utmost importance in my life right now !!!

Many thanks,

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[-] MakeSleepAPriority +0 points · over 2 years ago

Welcome 213376 Your case is very interesting but without a physical examination and a full history no one can or should advise you about specific meaning of these results. This site is not allowed to post medical advice. Radiologists and anyone who reads any type of test, report only what they see. It is up to the physician who can see and talk with the patient to interpret the information in light of their findings AND input from the patient. Then to devise a clinical plan based on everything available.

You obviously understand the many things about the report so can be your own advocate to make sure one of your physicians or your physicians as a team answer your questions. Anything else would be a guess. Others in the forum and your own web searches may be able to direct you to literature to provide your physicians to add to their knowledge and help them help you. You are certainly invited to keep posting as you as you learn as it will be of interest to many users on the site! Welcome.

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