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Exhaustion from less than 9 hrs sleep

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NeatSpringGreenTrout4728 +0 points · over 7 years ago Original Poster

Does anyone have exhaustion after sleeping under 9 hours with cpap. Dr. told me its a brain thing. When I go back I will ask what exactly is that. If I sleep under 9 hours I am exhausted & can't do much. Also if I wake up lets say 6am & can't fall asleep for an hour then wake up I am exhausted & can't function. My machine records hardly any apnea events. It use to be worse but getting better. I still don't have a social life.

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Sherry +0 points · about 7 years ago Sleep Commentator

I found it interesting to look at my sleep patterns on a Fitbit which I just received as a gift for Christmas 2016. It tells me how many times I am restless and how many times I am awake during the night and for how long. I have discovered that I have to get in 8 to 9 hours to compensate for the minutes of restless and awake times throughout the night. A device that tracks your sleep patterns may give you more insights as to what is going on and why you feel tired under 9 hours.

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barbz +0 points · about 7 years ago

Like Sherry, I use an alternative means to check on my sleep. I use an app on my iPhone. It is called 24/7 (MotionX). It shows my sleep levels. I can see if my sleep was relaxing or if it was restless. I do not have to keep it plugged in all night and it sits on my bed. You can also put it in an arm gizmo like runners use. While it does not say why my sleep is how it is, it does give additional insight. I too, need nine hours to begin to feel better...been that way all my life.

I have a chatter box brain and sometimes find that listening to binaural rhythms, nature sounds etc. helps. I found a soft rain mp3 track does wonders for me! Often when we have a negative reaction to 'going to sleep' like I did for many years, we need to find a means to change it. For a long time I used the Insight Timer app to try, note I said 'try' to relax my mind before sleep. In time, it did help.

Hope you can find exactly what you need.

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