Forum · 30 days in and am fatigued, depressed and irritable

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[-] ImaginativeBabyBlueRam1398 +1 point · 26 days ago

Why do some people (like me), who seem to be tolerate the mask fine and record 9- and 10-hour sleep times, still awake dead-tired, irritable and depressed. On my 30th day of compliance last night, I took the mask off and slept 4-5 hours without. Even though 4-5 hours is too little for me, I still felt better than with the mask.

I have a ResMed AirSense 10 with nose pillows and a pressure of 8. The ResMed basic data keeper gives me gold stars and says everything is great. I don't feel great.

In the course of these first 30 days, I have taken three 1 1/2-2 hour afternoon naps without the CPAP and awoke refreshed.

What exactly is my mind or body supposed to do to make this work?

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[-] Ethansem +0 points · 13 days ago

It sounds like your pressures may be off or you might have other problems to address...something to bring up with your sleep dr for sure. I went through something similar (so tired some days I would start dozing off while driving) and am on my 2nd sleep machine (first was BiPAP and now ASV) and have had to go through several pressure adjustments and two other sleep studies. I will say its been a huge improvement but even after all this time I'm struggling with my energy to a degree. I can push myself for a few weeks and then seem to inevitably have a day where I'm so tired I can hardly move or even worse I get so run down that I just get sick. I'm told I'm a bit of a special case scenario by my dr though...central/complex sleep apnea usually affects older people but I'm only 38...go figure.

Basically, let you dr know what's going on and see what they suggest for next steps.

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[-] CompassionateSalmonEagle3453 +0 points · 13 days ago

Hi my name is frenando and I wanted to share. How í fix my problems of sleep apnea í was just like you very tired and really bad bags one day í got myself a big fan its 2 and a half feet and í sleep with it right next to my face. And ever since my sleep apnea has disappeared but give it a try ..k hope u get better

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