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Feel AWFUL with CPAP - advice? Have you had anything else medically wrong in addition to sleep apnea?

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pianoman82 +0 points · over 4 years ago Original Poster

I'm planning to find myself a GP doctor soon. My charts in Oscar look very good, low AHI, no evidence of any RERA's and I feel like utter crud every morning. Low leak rates, low AHI and I feel like I generally sleep pretty good. It just doesn't me rested. I get sleep starts about halfway throughout the day as I get off from work and get on the bus to go home. During the 30-45 minute ride, I'll nod my head down and jump violently even minute or two. It's embarrassing. I do the same thing at home when I fall asleep in my computer chair, as well. Can't drive, I'm far too unfocused on the road and a danger to others. I've had those sleep starts since I was a kid. I've felt like garbage since my early teenage years and I'm in my 30's now. Life has been so hard and tiring every day.

Any advice as to what else I can get checked to see why I feel this way?

I'm aware of anemia and blood pressure issues (I haven't had either). I'm not diabetic. No known heart issues, but I feel "flutters" in my chest throughout the day. Could just be a lot of caffeine from sodas causing that, since it is known to cause heart palpitations and such. Thyroid has been checked twice before and nothing was wrong with it or blood work in general. I'm at my wits' end.

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Biguglygremlin +0 points · over 4 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Hi pianoman82

I certainly have other issues (see profile) as would many who frequent this forum.

I have no medical training but if your primary concern is the prevailing fatigue there could be many causes including viral or immunological.

According to Wiki sleep starts are a fairly common issue for many people but it seems that caffeine might make them worse and, unfortunately, so can anxiety.

I suspect that OSA could also increase the frequency and intensity of sleep starts if you fall asleep without CPAP.

It seems to me that sleep starts are a symptom of fatigue rather than a cause.

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Sierra +0 points · over 4 years ago Sleep Patron

I have diabetes and allowing BG to go high can certainly cause me to nod off, particularly after a meal. Some sleep issues are not actually due to medical conditions but due to sleep habits. I have found a lot of good tips to improve my sleep hygiene at the site with the link below. The project was started by a pharmacist and university professor who thought too many people were unnecessarily using sleeping pills.

SleepWell It is No Dream

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MJC +0 points · over 4 years ago

You may have thyroid issues or a cardiac condition. Please see a Pulmonologist for you CPAP and go from their. You may need another sleep test to see what really is going on.

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