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Have you ever felt a full-body tingling feeling after gasping for air?

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singingkeys +0 points · about 5 years ago Original Poster Sleep Commentator

I don't usually have this happen, but I woke up this morning gasping for air. This was a heavier experience than normal and I think just once. I was laying on my stomach with my head turned to the left side (a very common position for me). When I took a breath of air, it was like I had not taken one for a while. Also, my entire body felt tingly all over. I suspect that this was due to low oxygen. Does anyone know how long I might have stopped breathing for that to happen? I should get my home sleep study kit within days. This is the first time that I know of that this has happened with the tingling.

I'm now puzzled because many nights of using a personal SPO2 monitor showed no drops below about 93%. An in-lab sleep study that only resulted in less than 3 hours of sleep showed 6.5 minutes total REM time during that. REM AHI was 9.2. RDI was 18.1. No drops in blood oxygen levels noted in the in-lab study.

Sleep staging from in-lab study:

N1 44 minutes

N2 86.5 minutes

N3 28.5 minutes

REM: 6.5 minutes.

Looks like my sleep cycle is all whacked out, as well. Not overweight. 5'8, about 155 pounds. Very muscular and athletic. Only a 15" neck size. They just verified all of that on the forms for the home study. I do not fit the stereotype for sleep apnea, but it looks like more and more symptoms are coming up. That's pretty scary to wake up feeling tingly all over. How common is it?

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Biguglygremlin +0 points · about 5 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Hi singingkeys

No I don't recall that experience but I tend to forget things easily.

Some time ago Sierra quoted a common expression "be careful what you wish for" and I think that applies to all of us.

One of my favourite concepts is that we humans create reality, or at least our reality, as we move forward, by imagining and theorizing and speculating.

On a cosmic level it is an incredible and scary thought but it certainly applies on a more personal level.

It seems to me that we maintain balance by looking and moving outwards but we can't always do that.

All too often we turn the focus and effort inwards and if we do it for too long we run into trouble.

When I focus too much on health issues they invariably get worse.

The same often applies to problems with mechanical and digital devices.

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. :)

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KangarooTailStew +0 points · about 5 years ago

This link covers it. Tingling pins and needles

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